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Vincent C. Keller, Taxidermist
Detail of some of my mounts.
Shop where work is done.
Bobcat & Timberback Rattlesnake to be used as a base for a coffee table.  Mounted for Victor Cattaruzza.
Elk mounted for Victor Cattaruzza.

Video of Winter Caribou hunt.  If anyone after watching this video is interested in a Winter caribou hunt please let me know and I will give you the name of the contact person in Pennsylvania.

Desert Painted Sheep                                Spanish Goat                                           Barbiroussa Ram
Taken by Jeff Keller
Texas Dall Ram
All above taken by Tom Lough.
American Bison
Winter Caribou.
Logan, my grandson and his dad, Stephane Picard. He might be a welder, taxidermist, funeral director, or a teacher.
Black Bear
Tom Lough's Black Bear Mouth